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Dealing with Christmas after separation

Christmas is supposed to be a time for love and joy, which means the Christmas period can be particularly difficult if it’s your first Christmas after a separation, especially if you have recently separated from your partner.  Graysons’ family law team has helped many people with their separation.  Here, family solicitor, Rachel Read-Hill, offers some advice on what you can do you help you cope with your first Christmas after separation.

Christmas after separationChildren

If you and your former partner share children, it’s important to try and agree the arrangements for them well in advance. It will be much better for your children if they have a clear understanding of which parent they will be with and when. It’s a busy period and you will most likely have to juggle both your children’s and your activities.  Always try to keep a positive attitude about your children spending time with their other parent.  Children often feel torn between parents, wanting to make them both happy.  It’s important that your children know that you support them enjoying time with their other parent.

can be extremely hard being away from your children over the Christmas period whilst they are enjoying time with their other parent. Rather than being sad about the fact you aren’t with your children, it can help if you take a more positive view.  Perhaps you could use the time to do something you enjoy, like spending it with friends. You could use the time to complete your Christmas preparations, such as wrapping presents or preparing food.  You might even want to simply use the time to relax!

Financial strain

Separation often places strain on your financial situation. The assets and the income that used to support one household have had to stretch to support two.  That may mean that you aren’t able to spend at the same level as you have previously.  Remember that Christmas isn’t about material things: there are many cheap or free things you can do to help you and your family enjoy the festivities. Make sure that you set a budget and stick to it. Your loved ones will understand if you aren’t able to buy gifts and will be more than happy to enjoy spending time with you.


The festive period can feel very lonely if it’s your first Christmas without a partner.  Spending time with family and friends can help. Some people choose to work with a charity over Christmas to help fill their time, meet new people and help those less fortunate.

Christmas separation

Rachel Read-Hill

Always remember that separations are extremely difficult to deal with and can lead to a range of emotions and feelings.  It’s ok to find the situation difficult, so it’s important to make sure that you reach out to friends and family for support.  Talking to others often makes the situation much easier.  Separation often has a detrimental impact upon a person’s mental health, so if you feel that yours is being affected, talk to your GP who may be able to help. You do not have to suffer alone.

Your Christmas might be very different this year. If you try to embrace the change, you may be able to use it as an opportunity to start some new traditions.

If you need any help with the legal aspects of your separation, contact our family team now.  We can arrange a free initial consultation with one of our experts.

Author: Rachel Read-Hill, family solicitor.

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