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Find expert advice on personal injury, family law, wills & probate, property law and more.

Welcome to our advice centre, which provides useful, in depth information to help you through the complications which can arise when taking legal action. The information is separated the into sections covering the legal services that we offer so that you can find information that is most relevant to your needs.

Personal Injury

Being involved in an accident or suffering an injury can be extremely stressful, both physically and emotionally. This section of our advice centre provides a range of personal injury information, from establishing whether you have a claim to supporting you through the process.

Personal Injury Frequently Asked Questions

People have many different questions about how their personal injury claim will progress and how things will work in practice. Here we answer your most common questions.

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Personal Injury Claims

If you have been injured in an accident and wish to claim compensation, Graysons solicitors can offer experience, a successful track record and a friendly helping hand during a difficult time.

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Feeling Guilty About Your Claim? Read This.

For a variety of reasons making a claim can cause you to feel guilty. Here we look into the hard facts of making a claim, and why actually you shouldn’t feel guilty at all.

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Medical Negligence

At some point in your life you will receive medical treatment form doctors, nurses, dentists or other health service workers. In the unfortunate case that you suffer pain or injury as a result of substandard medical treatment, we have a collection of articles offering advice on the actions you can take to improve your circumstances.

What are really the top misdiagnosed conditions in NHS hospitals in 2014/15?

Graysons can exclusively reveal statistics on the most commonly misdiagnosed illnesses and more, following our recent freedom of information request.

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The NHS and misdiagnosis medical negligence claims 2014/15 – Infographic

Click here to view and download our infographic on the NHS and medical negligence claims as a result of misdiagnosis in 2014 and 2015.

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Medical Negligence Claims – FAQs

In this article we answer your frequently asked questions about compensation claims for medical negligence.

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Occupational Illness

Exposure to dust, chemicals, noise, vibration and fumes at work can cause suffering and even premature death. If your employer hasn’t fully fulfilled their duty of care towards you, the articles in this section are geared towards informing you about your rights and possible eligibility to compensation.

Occupational Injury/Illness & Industrial Disease FAQs

Find out the answers to common questions about claiming compensation for your occupational illness or industrial disease.

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How Much Will It Cost To Pursue My Industrial Disease Claim?

We offer a no-win no-fee compensation claims service. Read this article to find out more about this service works.

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Industrial Disease Compensation

Graysons solicitors has built a reputation as one of the leading law firms in industrial disease claims across Yorkshire and Derbyshire. Read this article to find out more about the different types of industrial illness claims we specialize in.

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If you have legal concerns involving family matters, such as divorce or disputes about children, this section will provide information to help you. You can find advice on matters such as protecting your children during divorce, issues relating to children access and how to protect your assets before marriage.


Guide to divorce

If you are thinking about divorce, this guide will explain some of the processes involved and help you understand where to begin.

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Cost of divorce FAQs

Paying for divorce can be a daunting prospect for someone already going through an emotionally fraught situation. This guide lays out the costs you will be expected to pay to complete divorce proceedings, and considers circumstances in which a divorce may be more or less expensive.

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Separation Agreements – How Far Are They Legally Binding?

Find out about separation agreements, a document you make when you want to stop living together as a couple, setting out the arrangements you want to make for things like finances, children and property.

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After You’ve Made Your Separation Agreement: What Next?

Making a separation agreement is an achievement but it’s just the first step. How do you continue to live with one, maintaining it, adapting it or even ending it as your circumstances change?

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Prenups: How Far Are They Legally Binding?

Prenuptials can be a useful forethought, but there is confusion about how far they are legally binding. We explore this in detail here.

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Can My Partner Stop Me Having Access To My Children?

Divorce is especially tough – but what happens if one partner chooses to stop the other from seeing their child or children?

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Protect Your Children During A Divorce

Divorce can be a hard time for all involved, but it is especially difficult for your children. Here we list our easy to follow tips to make it easier on them.

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Unmarried Fathers’ Rights

Fathers are often ill-informed about their rights concerning children from previous relationships. In this article we discuss the rights and responsibilities of single/unmarried fathers.

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Family, Divorce & Separation

The breakdown of any relationship can be an emotional and traumatic process. Important decisions have to be made and our highly experienced team can advise you throughout this difficult time.

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If you are buying, selling or leasing a property you will find a wealth of helpful information in this section. Whether you are a first time buyer looking to navigate the property market or a landlord with a number of properties, this section will help you get ahead of the rest.

Shared Ownership

In this article we explain the concept of shared property ownership – a great alternative for people looking to get their foot on the property ladder.

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Leasehold and freehold properties

It’s important to understand the law around leasehold and freehold properties, and how it can apply to you.

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Problems revealed in Sheffield properties during conveyancing searches

An interactive map and breakdown of the most common issues that are revealed during conveyancing searches.

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The Complete Guide For First Time Homebuyers

From how to find the perfect home through to closing the deal. This guide contains all the information a first time buyer could ever need!

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Property Auctions – Frequently Asked Questions

Property auctions can be daunting for the uninitiated. Make sure you’re fully prepared with our guide to buying and selling property at auction.

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How To Successfully Buy At Property Auction

Whether you are a first time bidder or have a wealth of experience, this article provides advice and tips to help you navigate through the complexities of a property auction.

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Radon Gas

In this article we discuss the radioactive gas Radon that occurs naturally around the UK and what measures you can take to protect you and your home from its harmful effects.

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Conveyancing is the legal term for transferring ownership of property or land from one person to another. Find out more about the conveyancing services Graysons offers here.

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The Purchase Process

In this article we explain every step of the purchase process from initial instructions through to completion.

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The Remortgaging Process Explained

Remortgaging is simpler than buying a new home because the deeds of the property are already registered in your name. In this article we explain the steps involved from start to finish.

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Wills, Estates & Trusts

Nobody really wants to make decisions about what will happen when they die. However, these decisions can be some of the most important ones in your life. The advice in this section will help get you started with the ins and outs of wills and inheritance.

How Leaving Money to Charity Can Also Cut Your Inheritance Tax Bill

Did you know that leaving money to charity in your will can affect how much inheritance tax you pay? Read this article to find out how to leave a ‘legacy’ in your will, what the tax implications are and how important it can be to some charities. You will also find data regarding the levels of charity donations given through wills in the Yorkshire region.

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What Does Making A Will Involve?

In this article we guide you step by step through the process of making a will.

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Having No Lasting Powers Of Attorney In Place – What Happens?

What would you and your family do if you hadn’t appointed anyone to make decisions on your behalf, should you lose mental capacity? Find out why a lasting power of attorney is a good idea.

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How Does Your Marital Status Affect Your Will?

Are you planning to purposefully disinherit a spouse, a child or someone who is financially dependent upon you, like a partner or ex-spouse?

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Will Inheritance Tax Be Payable On My Estate?

How do things like nil rate transfers, remarrying, leaving gifts and other IHT reliefs work? Can you minimise the IHT impact on your family?

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What New Intestacy Laws Mean If You Die Without A Will

Are you happy with the way your estate will be divided up under the new rules? How will your family be affected? It’s time to make a will!

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Why Do I Need A Will?

In this article we describe some of the most important reasons to get your will written properly by a professional who has experience of writing wills.

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Homemade Wills & Why You Should Use A Solicitor Instead

This article explains why having your will written by a professional instead of self-writing is the best way of making sure it will be effective when you die.

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