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Saudi women to be notified of divorce by text!  Is online divorce the way forward?

In Saudi Arabia, it has always been possible for a husband to divorce his wife without her knowledge. That has now stopped as a court ruling in January 2019 means that wives have to be notified by the court – by text – that they are divorced. The Saudi justice minister says that this makes the divorce procedure more transparent, and whilst, in the UK, we are always looking at improving systems, is it really the way forward and should the UK follow suit?

online divorceIn the UK, online divorce applications have been available since May 2018 and there is already some concern about the process.  Graysons’ family solicitor, Nicola Cancellara, says:

“There is the risk that online divorce applications can be made on the spur of the moment or in the heat of disagreement between spouses and without proper thought, which can lead to one party being unaware of the divorce application.   This could lead to divorce itself being so much easier, such that it can be finalised (decree absolute) at the click of a button. Surely this is not what our laws in the UK have provided for?”

Nicola goes on to say:

“Divorce should be a considered decision, preferably made with advice and assistance taken from experienced family solicitors.  Matters relating to finances and children also need to be considered – although arrangements are made separate from the divorce itself – and both parties need to feel that they have achieved a reasonable and justified outcome for a secure future, that doesn’t need correction if online applications from people with no legal knowledge and having taken no advice, go wrong.”

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