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Increase in divorce applications following introduction of no-fault divorce

HM Courts & Tribunal Services has reported a large increase in the number of divorce applications following the introduction of no-fault divorce in April this year.


Bradie Pell

It says that since the implementation of the new law, it has received 13,000 applications from couples wanting to divorce – 10,207 sole applications and 2,771 joint applications.

HM Courts & Tribunal Services says that it received 3000 divorce applications in the first week following the introduction of the new law on 6th April 2022 and it is now averaging around 600 applications per day. Previously, there had been an average of 2,000 applications per week, with a total of 107,724 divorce applications last year.

Bradie Pell, partner and head of Graysons’ family team says: “I am not surprised at the new statistics.  Some people have waited for no-fault divorce to become law before they have applied for their divorce, and so they are coming forward now.  I can’t blame them for waiting. The previous system of divorce meant that, if they wanted to divorce after less than five years’ marriage (two years if the other party agreed), one person had to lay blame on the other, whether they wanted to or not.  That, inevitably, led to stress and acrimony, which could be harmful to any children.    The new system is far less complicated, and, importantly, stops one partner from contesting the divorce application. I have found that clients find it easier to accept.  In general, I think there is more enthusiasm for it.”

The new no-fault divorce rules allow couples to apply for a divorce without having to blame one another.  They can apply individually or jointly.  The process takes around 26 weeks to get the final order (previously decree absolute).  Get full details of the no-fault divorce rules on our web page.

Author: Bradie Pell, partner and head of Graysons’ family law team.

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