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Over £5k compensation for fall in pub

Personal injury partner, Jonathan West, has won £5,250 for a client who fell in a pub and injured herself.

fall in pub

Jonathan West

The 67-year-old woman went to the bar in the busy Stew & Oyster pub in Sheffield.  She moved away from the bar, which was in an area with a wooden floor, to a table that was on a raised area covered in flagstones.  There were no warning signs about a step of about 1.5 inches up to the flagstoned area and the woman did not see the step.  She tripped, fell forwards into a brick pillar and then down onto the flagstones. She immediately felt pain in her face and her wrist, and an ambulance was called.

The woman was taken to hospital where x-rays showed her wrist was fractured and she had extensive bruising to her face.  A plaster back slab was applied to her wrist immediately and she attended fracture clinic six days later.  She was referred to hospital for fixation of the fracture and physiotherapy.

Jonathan took up the woman’s case and contacted the pub owners.  After negotiations, the pub owners admitted liability before Jonathan applied to court for a trial, and Jonathan was able to secure a settlement of £5,250 for the woman.

Owners of pubs and other places where the public can visit have a duty to maintain the property and keep it safe for people to use. If you have had an accident in a public place and would like to know if you can claim compensation, contact our experts now.  We will arrange a free of charge appointment in which we can discuss your case and advise on its merits. You can also find out more on our web pages.

Author: Jonathan West, partner and personal injury expert.

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