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Graysons put its weight behind #ActionMeso

Today we’ve pledged our support for #ActionMeso - a new national campaign that’s aiming to raise awareness around the dangers of asbestos exposure.

#ActionMesoThe UK has the world’s highest rates of mesothelioma – the cancer caused by exposure to asbestos – with around 2,700 people each year being diagnosed, often decades after first coming into contact with asbestos.

#ActionMeso brings together patients, carers, charities, support groups, healthcare professionals, law firms, and many other organisations under the same umbrella to make the public aware that asbestos remains a problem in the UK which must be addressed.

Graysons has long-established links with support and campaign groups and has been successfully pursuing compensation claims for many years.


Belinda Lancaster

Belinda Lancaster, Graysons partner, said:

“Mesothelioma is a devastating disease with no cure. We are proud to champion #ActionMeso as we know the harm this condition causes to victims and their bereaved families.

As well as pursuing compensation claims, our staff regularly raise money for the Mesothelimona UK charity and we’re always looking for other ways to help victims and their families.”

The #ActionMeso awareness campaigns will lead to major events, Action Mesothelioma Days (AMD), and more.

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