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Graysons champions early breast cancer detection through podcast partnership

Graysons’ female staff have taken a leading role on the importance of self-examination as part of a new initiative to increase awareness of hereditary breast cancer.

breast cancer

Graysons is a firm renowned for championing the careers of female solicitors, and has teamed up with radio DJ, Becky Measures, and her mother, Wendy Watson MBE, on their new ‘Mother Daughter Breast of Friends’ podcast.

Various members of Graysons’ staff participated in an episode of the podcast dedicated to the importance of breast self-examination as a way to detect early signs of the disease.

Wendy Watson made history 30 years ago when she became the first woman in Britain to have both breasts removed in preventative surgery. Her daughter, Becky Measures, underwent the same procedure in 2004 after finding out she had an 80 to 90 percent risk of developing breast cancer.

97% of people who carry a faulty gene still don’t know and the show aims to raise awareness and navigate the complexities of genetics.

Bradie Pell, partner at Graysons, said:

“With a significant number of female staff in our firm, this episode highlighting the importance of self-examination truly struck a chord with us. If our participation can inspire others to become more self-aware and detect any changes early on, then our partnership becomes even more meaningful.”

The podcast can be found at

Becky Measures said:

“It was very important to involve Graysons’ staff in this episode to help spread the self-examination message.

“Building this relationship with a firm that has such a long-standing highly respected reputation within our community is massively humbling, and we are so grateful to have them with us on the next leg of our journey.”

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