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Compensation for negligent breast surgery

Medical negligence solicitor, Matthew Lindsay, has won £15,000 in compensation for a woman following negligent breast surgery at Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

breast surgeryMs F had a bilateral breast augmentation in 2005.

In 2015, she gave birth to her second child, following which she commenced breastfeeding.  Around one month later, she was diagnosed with mastitis, and again after a further two months. She was treated successfully on both occasions with oral antibiotics.

Mastitis diagnosed a third time

Five months later, Ms F attended her GP, reporting pain and a hard lump in her left breast as well as a high temperature and feeling generally unwell. She was diagnosed with mastitis again and prescribed further oral antibiotics.

Despite taking the antibiotics, she was still unwell three days later, with significant pain and a high temperature. She decided to attend the emergency department of the Northern General Hospital, where the history of bilateral breast implants was documented, and her temperature was recorded as 38.5C.  Examination showed that the breast implants were in situ and there was an abscess like mass in the upper left breast.  She was diagnosed with mastitis or breast abscess.  The clinician tried to drain the abscess, but it was unsuccessful. Ms F was given an alternative antibiotic and discharged home.  She was given a referral to the breast clinic.

Breast surgery to replace implants

Over time, Ms F noticed that her left breast implant was deflating. She attended the breast clinic just over a year after her visit to the Northern General Hospital, where her history and the deflated left breast implant were noted upon examination.  An ultrasound showed that the left implant was almost completely deflated.

Ms F was given a bilateral implant replacement, but the implants were silicone rather than saline as they had originally been.  She suffered notable scarring due to the surgery, with the scarring on the left breast being worse as it was higher up the breast.

Ms F was very unhappy with the resulting scarring and contacted Graysons to see if she could get any redress for the injury.  Matthew took up the case.

Hospital admits negligence

breast surgery

Matthew Lindsay

Matthew contacted the hospital, claiming that it had carried out the surgery negligently. The hospital accepted responsibility for the scarring and Matthew was able to negotiate £15,000 in compensation for Ms F.  This consisted of Ms F’s travel expenses as well as the care and assistance that she had received from her family following the further surgery that she was forced to undergo to rectify the asymmetry. Ms F also received a contribution towards the costs of clothing that she had incurred between the deflation and the rectification surgery.

If you have had surgery that you think was carried out negligently, or you injured or became ill because you were not given the proper care, contact our medical negligent experts now.  We will discuss your case and assess its merits free of charge.  If we are able to take on your case, we will offer you a no win, no fee arrangement.  You can also find out more about claiming compensation for negligent surgery on our web pages.

Author:  Matthew Lindsay, medical negligence solicitor.

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