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Jonathan wins compensation for client at court hearing

Partner and personal injury expert, Jonathan West won compensation from Northumbrian Water Ltd. for a self-employed tarmac repair man who was injured when stepping onto a broken manhole cover.

compensation court

Jonathan West

David Hinchcliffe was subcontracted to carry out work on the Darrass Hall Estate on behalf of Northumberland Borough Council.  The repair work had already been marked out by the council when he arrived.  He parked on a grass verge close by and got the road work signs out of the back of his van.  He had to walk on the grass verge to put the signs in place.  As he was doing so, the ground gave way beneath his feet as he stepped onto a broken manhole cover that was hidden by the grass.  He fell and injured his chest, back, leg and hip. David contacted Graysons to see if he was able to make a claim for compensation and Jonathan took up his case.

Jonathan contacted the council, who told him that it did not maintain the strip of grass on which the manhole cover sat and that it was the responsibility of Northumbrian Water Ltd.  Jonathan pursued the water authority for breach of duty of care, but it denied liability.  Expert reports were obtained from a consultant orthopaedic surgeon and Jonathan issued court proceedings.  The water authority continued to deny liability and so the case went to Sheffield County Court in January 2021, where David won and was awarded compensation of £2,700.

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Author: Jonathan West, partner and personal injury expert.

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