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£20,000 compensation after bladder is cut during hernia operation

Graysons’ medical negligence expert, Nikki Yavari, has won £20,000 in compensation from Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust for a man who sustained a cut to his bladder during an operation.

bladder cut

Nikki Yavari

Mr V fell ill in Leeds and was admitted to Leeds Teaching Hospital complaining of left hand side abdominal pain.  He was diagnosed with stones in his ureter and an inguinal hernia (a hernia within the abdomen).  He transferred to Rotherham General Hospital where he was treated conservatively.  His pain reduced, and he was discharged from hospital.  At the same time, he was placed on a waiting list for a repair to the hernia.

Bladder cut during hernia repair

Around eight months later, Mr V returned to the hospital for a laparoscopic (keyhole) repair of his hernia.  During the operation, Mr V’s bladder was cut and a specialist in urology attended to repair it.

As a result of the bladder tear, Mr V’s recovery was prolonged, and he suffered additional problems with bladder functions, bladder infection and irritable bladder.  He had to re-attend hospital and was diagnosed as suffering from an overactive bladder as a direct result of the operation in which his bladder was cut.  He was unable to travel long distances, which had an effect on his ability to work. His symptoms lasted for some time, during which he had to take on-going medication.

Nikki secures compensation for Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust

Mr V contacted Graysons and Nikki took up his case.  She contacted Rotherham NHS Foundation Trust claiming it had been negligent in its treatment and that Mr V had not been warned of possible bladder damage.  The trust denied liability for breach of duty of care and for causation, so Nikki issued court proceedings.  However, the trust decided to negotiate, and Nikki was able to secure a settlement of £20,000.

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