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Slip on water in Tesco leads to broken wrist

Partner and personal injury expert, Jonathan West, has won £7,000 compensation from Tesco for a man who broke his wrist when he fell in a Tesco store. 

slip on water

Jonathan West

Mr Hall was visiting a small Tesco store in St Neots one February morning.  When he had done his shopping, he decided to use the toilets that were provided for customers.  When he walked into the cubicle, he noticed that the floor was flooded so he decided to usea different cubicle.  He turned to move but immediately slipped on the wet floor and fell onto his right-hand side.  He put his right hand down to break his fall but landed heavily on his right hand and arm.

Slip on water in toilet cubicle

Mr Hall managed to get to his feet, but his clothes were wet, and he was in pain.  He went to customer services and reported the accident.  An assistant called a first-aider who said Mr Hall should go hospital.  A manager attended and completed an accident form.  Mr Hall suggested that they clean the toilet floor but was told that no cleaner was present and so the staff put a ‘wet floor’ sign outside the toilet. Eventually, the customer service assistant went to clean the toilet floor.

After Mr Hall had rested in Tesco for a while, he went to his car and drove to A & E, where it was confirmed that he had fractured his right wrist.  A plaster cast was applied, but when Mr Hall attended hospital again a few weeks later, he was told that the fracture was not healing well, and an operation was performed.  However, the pain in the wrist did not resolve until around about 18 months after the operation when the metal pins that were put in during the operation were removed.

Tesco denies liability for slip on water

Mr Hall contacted Graysons to see if he could claim compensation from Tesco, and Jonathan took up his case.  Jonathan contacted Tesco Stores saying that it was liable for Mr Hall’s accident, but Tesco denied liability.  Jonathan issued court proceedings and then Tesco made an offer of £3,000, which Jonathan declined.  Tesco then offered £5,500 but Jonathan was able to negotiate a final settlement of £7,000.

The owners of shops and supermarkets are responsible for the safety of their visitors, so if you have had an accident in such a place and you feel it was not your fault, you may be able to claim compensation. Contact our experts now to arrange a free of charge meeting in which we can discuss your case.  You can also find out more about accidents that happen in shops and supermarketson our website.

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