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Compensation negotiated in two months

Partner and personal injury expert, Jonathan West, has won compensation for a man in just two months.


Jonathan West

Kirk Merner bought a Hearty Food chicken curry with rice from his local Tesco store in Goldthorpe. When Kirk got home and took a mouthful of the food, he immediately felt something sharp in his mouth.  Following consultation, it appears that the sharp article was scale from the rice cooker.

Mr Merner was left with lacerations on the roof of his mouth that lasted for three and half weeks.  Recovery was protracted as Mr Merner was a bodybuilder and had to eat eight to ten meals a day.  He healed his injuries using salt water.  Graysons received Mr Mercer’s enquiry about claiming compensation on 14th August this year and Jonathan took up his case. Jonathan contacted Tesco Stores Ltd claiming that it had breached its duty of care by providing a defective product and had, amongst other things:

  • provided a defective product, contrary to the Consumer Protection Act 1987, and had not informed Mr Merner that it was defective or about the risk of injury by consuming it
  • not used reasonable care and skill in providing the product and ensuring it was safe to consume
  • failed to take care in the design, development or manufacture of the product
  • failed to enforce adequate quality control

Tesco Stores Ltd agreed to settle the case without the need for medical evidence and Jonathan negotiated £1,200 in compensation for Mr Merner.

If you have been injured as a result of purchasing a faulty product, contact our experts now and we will arrange a free of charge meeting in which we can assess your case.  You can also find out more about making a compensation claim for personal injury on our website.

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