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Changing Your Name

Can I change my name?

If you’re over 16, you can change your name at any time, and for any reason, as long as it isn’t intended to defraud or deceive another person.

Why would I want to change my name?

There are a number of reasons why you might want to change your name, such as:

  • You’ve divorced or separated
  • You’ve married
  • You’re unhappy with your current name
  • You’ve been adopted
  • You want to have the same surname as your children

How do I change my name?

There is no legal way to change your name.  You can just start calling yourself something else if you want to.

However, you’ll need proof that you’ve changed your name to obtain certain documents, such as  passports or driving licenses, and your bank will probably need proof too.

If you marry or register a civil partnership, your marriage or civil partnership certificate is usually enough evidence of the change of name.  If you divorce or dissolve a civil partnership and want to go back to your previous name, the divorce or dissolution certificate should suffice.

If you change your name for other reasons we can draw up a ‘change of name deed’, which is a formal written and witnessed document that can be used as proof of having changed your name.   It’s straightforward and we can usually provide a same day service.

The fee is £90 plus VAT, payable on receiving your instructions.

How can Graysons help?

We can draw up a ‘change of name deed’ which is a formal written and witnessed document that can be used as proof of having changed your name.

Contact our family law experts now to discuss your individual needs or to make an appointment for a confidential meeting.

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