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Our Notary Public Services

A notary public is a lawyer who holds an internationally recognised public office. Their job is to certify documents to be accepted as authentic for use in other countries.

A document attested by a notary, by virtue of the notary’s signature and official seal, will be sufficient for it to be accepted by judicial and public authorities in many countries but there are some countries which require documents to be legalised as well as notarised.

Some of the duties of a notary public are:

  • Certifying passports and powers of attorney
  • Verifying formal translations from foreign documents to English and vice versa
  • Advice on legalisation (that is validation) of the notary’s signature and seal by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and/or by the embassy of the relevant country
  • The provision of notarial copies
  • Notarising medical reports and police reports for use in connection with adoption
  • Authenticating the contents of documents
  • Certifying examination certificates

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